Energy Systems

  • Comprehensive, utility scale new generation plans and execution
  • Green-field utility district level energy planning for both industrial zone and destination resort developments: U.S. and international
  • Integrated bio-refinery systems: “closed-loop/off-grid” sustainable manufacturing
  • Selection and oversight of power systems for utility interconnected distributed generation systems.
  • Island/Infrastructure “poor” energy system development
  • Integration of energy systems with sustainable agriculture and forestry

Corporate Energy Strategy and Purchases

  • Owner’s/C-level consultancy and advisory services for medium-sized to multinational corporations regarding energy investment, purchasing, technology review, strategic partnerships, funding and financing, contract negotiation, project development and execution
  • International energy policy analysis related to energy planning and execution
  • Advocacy and external audience relations
  • Client advocacy with utilities, investors, commercial debt and regulatory agencies

Distributed Generation

  • Project conceptualization, development and execution across most renewable technology platforms, including biomass, biogas, wind and solar. Project experience in most global markets, particularly in biogas and biomass
  • Combined heat and power plant development
  • Municipal, industrial and utility grade projects

Biomass Power Systems, including supply chain analysis and development

  • Multiple utility and industrial scale biomass supply chain systems, both forest and agricultural
  • Multiple biomass supply assessments and feasibility studies, both U.S. and international
  • Biomass production, harvest, transportation and storage system evaluation and development
  • Biomass densification studies and development
  • Herbaceous biomass production research
  • Biomass co-firing research, including utility scale testing

Anaerobic Digester Systems

  • Farm-based, industrial and community/regional-based systems, internationally
  • Nutrient capture and biogas treatment
  • Digester system integration for industrial and waste water platforms
  • Multi-steam feedstock (e.g. substrate) digester systems
  • Innovative project ownership systems
  • Post-digestion solids use and optimization
  • Third party review and system optimization

Energy Investment

  • Project/proposal due diligence
  • Site specific analysis of energy development opportunities
  • Policy and competitive environment studies
  • Project economic analysis and modeling
  • Funding consultation, strategy and prospecting
  • Structuring for project financing

ReCon Associates delivers strategic and executional consulting services to EnergyRenewable Energy & Clean Tech companies, developers and investors.

ReCon Associates is a multi-disciplinary consortium of seasoned energy and clean tech business, financial, technical and scientific professionals with global reach and perspective.

We provide value by enhancing, streamlining and accelerating the client’s ability to achieve their objectives in the energy project space.

ReCon Associates differs from many other consulting firms in our approach. Our services are specifically targeted to build the client’s internal capacity, through advisory services, partnering and training.
Our firm serves the client’s executive management consultation needs, while drawing upon our teams’ extensive knowledge and experience, both in the trenches and in the boardroom. While familiarity with many engineering, technology, finance and legal vendors is a trait our team shares with the larger firms, retaining a high degree of objectivity allows us to focus on meeting the client’s  specific needs.
ReCon Associates’ competitive advantage is excellence in understanding the business, legal and technical requirements for successful execution of the energy project.

Our mission and vision is to assist the customer in translating the organizational goals, the technical options and the financial objectives into a realistic and actionable energy project.