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ReCon Associates members include seasoned energy executives, managers, academics, scientists and researchers. Collectively, ReCon’s principals have over 300 years in the energy industry. ReCon maintains “of counsel” relationships with world-class engineering and legal firms. All members have boardroom and senior management experience in their respective fields. Members collaborate on a project-by-project basis, focused on the specific needs and circumstances of the client.

Key members include:

Key members include:

Timothy M. Baye

Coordinating member and a founder

Tim Baye is ReCon’s coordinating member and a founder. Since 1984, Baye’s career has focused on renewable energy business development and finance through executive, academic and advisory capacities. His project portfolios include U.S., Latin America/Caribbean, Australia, North Africa and West/Central European. Baye’s core competencies include, project/corporate strategy/planning, financial and investment analysis, contracting (offtake and supply) and, project evaluation, planning and development; bioenergy (primary), solar (secondary).

Key members include:

Kim Zuhlke

Principal wind energy and utility system advisor

Kim Zuhlke is ReCon’s principal wind energy and utility system advisor. Zuhlke has over 35 years industry experience, with 7 years as a senior new generation system executive in a large Midwestern U.S. utility. He advises many of the world’s largest wind energy firms and associations  Zuhlke’s core competencies include strategy, financial, off-take and supply agreements, wind energy purchases, electrical generation, wind (primary) all other electrical platforms (secondary).

Key members include:

Poul Ejner Rasmussen

Founder and CEO of Renew Energy A/S

Poul Ejner Rasmussen is founder and CEO of Renew Energy A/S, a world leading anaerobic digestion engineering firm headquartered in Denmark. With over 27 years in the industry, Rasmussen’s systems operate globally, representing cutting edge biological conversion platforms, reliability and performance. Renew Energy A/S has tackled the most challenging feedstock issues and is a global leader in nutrient conversion. Rasmussen, and his team’s core competencies include energy strategy, project development, management and contracting, engineering and technology, biogas (primary).

Key members include:

Bill Johnson

ReCon’s principal biomass supply analysis and advisor

Bill Johnson is ReCon’s principal biomass supply analyst and advisor. Johnson’s extensive industry experience and reach comes from his 21 years in the utility and consultancy business, along with over 22 years in research and education. He has been responsible for numerous biomass supply-chain projects, biomass fuel contracting and brokering. Johnson’s core competencies include biomass (primary) supply development and sourcing, contracting, electrical generation/combustion, public relations, energy efficiency and education, biogas (secondary).

Key members include:

Jeff Bedard

Founder and managing partner of Providence Partners

Jeff Bedard is founder and managing partner of Providence Partners a mixed-use builder developer focused on developing resource efficient, sustainable, residential, retail, hotel and office projects in high-density urban locations.  He is also managing partner of Resort Energy Ventures , providing international clients guidance for distributed energy generation projects.  Bedard has over 25 years experience in both real estate and U.S. Federal government agencies. Bedard is ReCon’s principal resort energy systems advisor.

Key members include:

Bill Johnson, Jr.

Principal of Timberian

Bill Johnson Jr. is a principal of Timberian, a full-service forestry, woody feedstock bio-energy and, wood manufacturing optimization firm based in Northwest, Wisconsin. Johnson, Jr. brings over 25 years of experience in the forest industry. Johnson also holds executive positions with Futurewood Corporation, Flambeau River Papers, and Johnson Timber Corporation. Timberian, one of ReCon’s newest associates, provides turn-key, woody biomass supply-chain development services.

Key members include:

Nisha Thirumurthy

Nisha Thirumurthy has over 15 years of experience in power sector diversification, energy technology transfer and deployment, renewable energy project development, and strategic planning, with international experience in India, China, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.   Nisha’s contributions via  the U.S. National Renewable Energy Lab and the Clinton Climate Initiative have allowed her to advance energy and climate initiatives for governments, agencies and corporations.  As ReCon’s lead project analyst and financial modeler, Nisha’s talents benefit all of our client’s endeavors – across geography and technology platforms.

Key members include:

Anne Ericksen

ReCon’s principal technical writing expert

Anne Ericksen is ReCon’s principal technical writing expert. Ericksen has over 20 years as a professional journalist, writer and editor within the engineering and technical fields.

Key members include:

T.j. Morice

Tony “T.J.” Morice is Managing Member, TNT Ventures LLC.  Morice is ReCon’s lead biomass thermal and densified fuel expert.  T..J. has over 18 years managing business and technology development a one of the largets wood pellet plants East of the Mississippi, adding 3 companies during that time.  God has opened a variety of doors in business and renewable energy, including ReCon, which has allowed pursuit of a variety of opportunities via TNT Ventures LLC.  Morice is a founding member of the Biomass Thermal Energy Council, President of Heating the Midwest (HTM)  and Wisconsin State Wood Energy.

Key members include:

Juan Fronjosa

Juan Fronjosa is an investment banker and entrepreneur with proven track record in emerging markets’ project development and implementation.  Mr. Fronjosa possesses significant expertise in cross-border project and structured trade finance, having participated in numerous medium size emerging markets transactions totaling close to $500 million.  He has more than 15 years of professional experience working with multilateral agencies / government backed sources of funding, utilities and extractive industries (oil & gas and mining sectors).

Key members include:

Steve Hartig

Steve Hartig serves as ReCon’s senior biorefining and emerging technology lead.  Hartig serves multiple clients working predominantly in strategy and innovation in biofuels, biomaterials and sustainability in general.  He is an experienced global executive with expertise across multiple business segments and technologies including biofuels, industrial biotechnology, renewable energy, specialty chemicals and materials, automotive, telecommunications and coatings.
He has led businesses in the US, Europe and Asia ranging from start ups, to restructuing existing organizaitons and to having responsibility for organizations of over 1000 people.   He has extensive experience in building new business strategies and gaining organizational commitment for them balancing technology and business.

Key members include:

Jessica Niekrasz

Jessica is an experienced company-builder, developer, biogas systems operator, master networker and professional advocate.  A key member of ReCon’s deep bio-refining team, Niekrasz provides clients insights and ability to communicate effective marketing and development strategy valuable to audiences both inside and outside the industry. In her own words:
My experience is as a trusted advisor and strategist within the biogas industry supporting solutions at the intersection of renewable energy, water, and agriculture. I bring extensive strategic, communication, and managerial experience to solving complex challenges. My toolkit is deep and diverse with experience from entrepreneurial efforts, biogas ownership/operation, marketing strategy, policy development, and life coaching.
My brand is growing industries that do well by doing good. In short, if it makes a difference in the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the land on which we live, I’m in.”

ReCon, of counsel firms

With the complexity of modern energy systems, seldom with any service provider have in-house world-class competencies across all disciplines. ReCon maintains strong relationships with trusted firms in order to provide the solution sets required by most types of clients. ReCon’s of counsel firms are leaders in their fields of expertise and share ReCon’s commitment of exceeding the client’s expectations…..in all aspects of the engagement.

Legal and Financial Advisory Firms – Primarily Midwestern & Washington D.C. based, to support ReCon’s Domestic and International Practices

Consulting Engineering – Close collaborations with consulting enegineering firms both Domestic U.S. and International

Solar Technology Vendors and Developers (multiple parties)
Note: Recent economic developments in the photovoltaic panel and engineering industry has brought about the commoditization of this sector. ReCon’s energy system development efforts recruit contributions from international, regional and local service providers best suited to the client’s circumstances and objectives.

Wind Developers (multiple parties)
Engineering Procurement, Contracting and Construction Management (EPC multiple parties)
Project Financing, both equity and debt (multiple parties)

ReCon Associates delivers strategic and executional consulting services to EnergyRenewable Energy & Clean Tech companies, developers and investors.

ReCon Associates is a multi-disciplinary consortium of seasoned energy and clean tech business, financial, technical and scientific professionals with global reach and perspective.

We provide value by enhancing, streamlining and accelerating the client’s ability to achieve their objectives in the energy project space.

ReCon Associates differs from many other consulting firms in our approach. Our services are specifically targeted to build the client’s internal capacity, through advisory services, partnering and training.
Our firm serves the client’s executive management consultation needs, while drawing upon our teams’ extensive knowledge and experience, both in the trenches and in the boardroom. While familiarity with many engineering, technology, finance and legal vendors is a trait our team shares with the larger firms, retaining a high degree of objectivity allows us to focus on meeting the client’s  specific needs.
ReCon Associates’ competitive advantage is excellence in understanding the business, legal and technical requirements for successful execution of the energy project.

Our mission and vision is to assist the customer in translating the organizational goals, the technical options and the financial objectives into a realistic and actionable energy project.